Continuously delivering small batches of working, tested product flies in the face of what’s made many business professionals successful over the years.

The business world has accumulated decades of best practices to mitigate risk and ensure certainty, and, for many departments, Agile doesn’t fit that mold.

  • Finance requires planning so they can make a budget
  • HR must provide career progression paths & needs reporting structures
  • Sales is obligated to keep its promises to its customers
  • Compliance demands assurances to avoid legal battles

So, when Agilists come in and disrupt the workflows of these departments and ask them to go against everything they’ve ever known to be true about the world of business and do something different—it’s going to create angst.

Because we’re the ones introducing the change, this means it’s up to us to find a way to integrate Agile in a way that respects the concerns of these traditionally non-Agile departments.

只是告诉他们放松,让敏捷thing isn’t good enough.

It’s not good enough for the people who work in those departments, and it’s not good enough for the executives responsible for their company's success or failure.

Join us for our all-new Ask Me Anything Event, where we’ll answer all your questions about the topics listed below and anything else you can think of related to making Agile stick when the rest of the business isn’t Agile.

Topic Areas

  • Overcoming the tension between continuous delivery and risk mitigation
  • Protecting the business from lawsuits in an Agile world
  • Balancing time, cost, and scope with innovation & adaptability
  • Pursuing research-based certainty via Agile experimentation

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